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Summer Scorecard and Beyond

In April we reported that 1st Quarter domestic box office was torrid and that a stream of high profile projects for the summer season was eagerly anticipated.  With the opening of “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20, let’s review the summer’s hits, misses and sleepers.  Here is domestic box office as of 7/26:

In the movie industry, Easter is the new Memorial Day

In 2008 when Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that Paramount would release the 3-D “Monsters vs Aliens” on March 27, 2009, he quipped that Summer now begins in March.  His words have become prophetic.  In 2010 Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” earned $334 million in domestic box office; in 2011 the animated “Rango” would be the eventual

2011 Philly Radio Round-Up

“All Quiet on the Eastern Front” So how did the stable of radio stations perform on the Philly frontier last year?  We corralled the monthly ratings to see how they measured up. 

The Oscar Race

The little idea of an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was born in January 1927, over dinner, at MGM studio chief Louis B. Mayer’s Santa Monica beach house.  The Oscar statuette is now probably the most recognized trophy in the world.  The name Oscar is derived from the original Academy librarian who, upon

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