We are looking for Fall interns

GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIP We are a full-service ad agency in suburban Philadelphia currently seeking a graphic design intern. The successful candidate will be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite. This is a great opportunity to learn how an ad agency works, work closely with our team and have your creative ideas heard. This unpaid internship also offers a fun,

DIY Advertising. Would you cut your own hair?

DIY home improvement shows are awesome. My wife and I can spend hours on a weekend watching a home renovation show. We especially love the ones that feature some weekend-warrior attempt to build a dream bathroom, only to find him or herself hip deep in a major mess. In business, DIY advertising is worse than

A Shameless Plug

4 months early and only 528 grams. Yep.. This is a shameless plug. As some of you know, Mike Gillespie, Jr.’s daughter Madeline was a preemie.  She was born at just over 24 weeks…making her 4 months premature.  She was very small and very sick.  Madeline weighed just 1lb. 3oz.

The Ad Community Unites

Gillespie Group loves to help.  Our colleague, Thaddeus Bartkowski at Catalyst Outdoor, asked us to get involved with a really important cause. Meet Aretha Swift. Mother. Churchgoer.  Friend.  Colleague.  Organ transplant candidate.

The Gillespie Group